IBM Rational Portfolio Manager

IBM Rational Portfolio Manager 7.0

IBM Rational Portfolio Manager is a relationship customer manager software (See all)

IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ provides market - and business-driven product and portfolio management - helping executives and teams to make the right decisions to deliver business, customer and market value.

-Capture inputs from customers, analysts, market research, and internal stakeholders and prioritize on which ones will provide the most value to the business
-Utilize visualization, prioritization, and unique road mapping and planning capabilities to ensure that plans are innovative, valuable and achievable
-Centralize information key to decision-making, status reporting and portfolio reviews to escape the chaos of managing data in emails, documents, and spreadsheets; speeding the ability to respond to changing market and business conditions
-Overcome the influence of the loudest voice in the room and use objective information to support decision making
-Reduce risk and improve cost estimations of investments by modeling financial and market impacts and by performing scenario, statistical and financial analysis
-Integrate enterprise architecture plans and project execution into portfolio management to ensure enterprise and project-level decisions are aligned with financial and market needs
-Quickly realize the benefits of Product and Portfolio Management and reduce costs of implementations by utilizing pre-defined configurations based on best practices

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